Choosing Professional Car Interior Upholstery & Restoration

Need custom upholstered furniture repair or installation services in Fort Lauderdale, FL? You can trust the professional and friendly staff at Cars and Boats Upholstery. We are very experienced and provide quality, professional upholstery services for cars and all makes and models of boats and yachts. We use the best leathers, types of vinyl, and fabrics.

Automotive Upholstery in Fort Lauderdale

Premium leather for automotive upholstery is hard to find! We are pleased to deliver a wide selection of quality leathers to suit your needs.
We offer reliable upholstery work at an unbeatable price, with a guarantee on all makes and models. We provide unique auto upholstery services in Fort Lauderdale.
With 27 years of experience developing, recovering, and customizing automotive upholstery and marine interiors, we have become skilled experts, continuously offering the highest quality of auto upholstery in Fort Lauderdale.
We provide the best upholstery for automotives and car interiors in Fort Lauderdale, including auto vinyl car seats and cloth auto upholstery options.
Whether you need automobile upholstery in Fort Lauderdale for modern or old cars, we make sure you get top-notch service every time.

Classic Car & Auto Upholstery in Fort Lauderdale

At Cars and Boats Upholstery, exceptional upholstery is our profession. But, classic auto upholstery in Fort Lauderdale and automotive interior design is our passion!

We specialize in custom leather car seats and corvette upholstery repairs for classic cars, using period-specific materials and fabrics. We also provide a wide array of classic car upholstery in Fort Lauderdale, ranging from minor adjustments to complete retrims of seating, carpets, and interiors.

Give us a call today to discuss your vision for your car interior restoration.

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